Friday, June 11, 2010

lunch with a stranger

It happened after a week I got back home. I was at a starbucks, waiting for my friends and sketching. There was a foreigner(yes, non-asian) next to me doing something with his laptop. whatever. i was keep drawing.
Then he asked me if I could speak English.
I said 'yes.' He started to talk to me in English. He said that he saw me drawing and wanted to talk. He said his major was a media arts in Sheridan. He was canadian.
I paniced for a sec. It was been a long time for me haven't spoken in English, and I stumbled a little. But I thought it was a good opportunity to practice English. Also I remembered what Sam said about being a non-asian in Asia. He said it's tough. I felt bad for this Canadian so I was keep talking to him and...
...ended up having a lunch together. He bought me a sandwich. Free lunch! yay!
He told me that he's teaching English in Korea for several years. It was his third time being and teaching in Korea. He knew lot more news about Korea than me.
I had to go to meet up with my friends so I left earlier than him. He told me how tough it is to teach 3-4 years old kids and middle school students. Young kids are too energetic and hard to teach since they have no idea about what they are doing, and middle school students are too quite and exhausted all the time from studying at school all day.
I was glad that I could listen to someone.

Tomorrow is a world cup day! Korea has a game with Greece. Gonna watch the game with Michelle, Yoojung and Michelle's friends. Excited!! :D


  1. i love this post
    so much

    i just hear your voice telling this whole story (a la Wish upon a bagel!)

    <3 <3 more please!

  2. aw this is really nice! I actually almost went to Sheridan at one point

  3. :) maybe he was hitting on you.