Sunday, April 24, 2011


for some reason i can't stop thinking about gus from this morning.
maybe because of a book of chris blain i saw before i went to bed..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A study from a movie

 A study from a movie . I couldn't finish it but i learned a lot..
especially about an importance of scale, silhouettes, and line of action.
it was hard for me to keep them in the same scale but  i failed it so i chopped off their feet a lot.
also i couldn't get the right staging from a movie so i pushed people in the corner that i can't tell what is what. i'd like to re-do'em again at some point..

lady bug story

when i was in middle school, i lived in a room with a window where i could see my school.

so it was sorta daily routine to look at sky and school after i get back.

and i saw this lady bug.

i felt bad.

and then i saw it...

and i realized.

it was its eye stuck between the screen.